T-Cell-15 Turbo Cell

The Reason for Choosing a T-Cell-15 for your Swimming Pool

Having you own swimming pool is common if you are living in warmer parts of the world. This way, you can have refreshing swim and even the kids could have a good time. If you think about having your kids in the pool, you will also need to make sure that the water is safe and clean and free of harmful bacteria and impurities that could cause skin problems for your pets and family members. So as to keep the water in your swimming pool germ free and clean, there are different accessories and tools accessible in the market. One of them is the T-Cell 15 or Turbo cell, also known as salt water chlorinator.


One of the most common ways of destroying bacteria in the water is through utilizing chlorine. A salt generator utilizes common salt and transfers it into free chlorine. This chlorine is generated if salted water is passed through a salt cell. As salt cell has elements like chlorine and sodium, the chlorine dissolves right away in the water and cleanses the water. A salt water generator also generates some amount of ozone that adds some sparkle and freshness to the water. The T-Cell 15 helps cleanse the water thoroughly and makes sure that you don’t have dry and itchy skin, red eyes as well as bleached swimming suits or rough and dirty hair.

The component of this salt generator is the turbo cell that is utilized to produce pure chlorine that assists in efficient cleaning of the swimming pool. This turbo cell could be set up both vertically and horizontally in the return pipe to the swimming pool. If you turn on the filter pump, this turbo cell will convert a low salt solution in the swimming pool to chlorine. The chlorine is equally distributed in the whole swimming pool with the assistance of return jets. This is the most efficient means of distributing chlorine all through the swimming pool and keeps it clean.


It is always advisable to go with the biggest salt cell. The T-cell 15 is rated for 40K gallon even though your pool is small. The T-Cell will not need to work very hard and can last longer. The number of time this system is running and water temperature affect the life of the cell. So, it is advisable to clean it on a daily basis.

The T-Cell 15 is available with a 3 year warranty, 1 year on parts and labor and 2 years for parts only. The state of the art T-cell 15 lasts for five years when proper care is followed.

There are lots of things that you should think about when purchasing a salt generator. You should consider the dimension of your swimming pool, the number of people who use your pool on a daily basis and the weather in your area. When you reside in a warm city or your swimming pool has a lot of bathers, then this system will need to run longer.

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